Tesla Roadster- The Fastest Car in the World

03 February 2019 - 1074 - 0
Tesla Roadster- The Fastest Car in the World

Every car manufacturing car is trying to be the top brand with the fastest car in the world. There have been many launches by top brands who were trying to have the fastest car in the world. Recently, Tesla made an important announcement where they claimed about the launch of Tesla Roadster. Elon Musk said that Tesla Roadster is going to be the fastest car in the world. Tech blogs and car enthusiasts have been going crazy about the features of Tesla Roadster. So, do you know the details of Tesla Roadster? Is Tesla Roadster is really the fastest car in the world? 
Let’s have a look at the details and amazing specification of Tesla Roadster that make it the fastest car in the world. 
1.9 seconds for Zero to 60
Actually, Tesla Roadster is not the fastest car in the world because there many other cars which are equipped with better and faster engines. But one thing must be clear that it has the fastest acceleration and the fastest electric car. Elon Musk claimed that Tesla Roadster can reach the speed of 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds and it is an impressive milestone in creating the faster electric cars. Even a few other typical sports cars can touch this high speed in such little time. 
Top Speed of 250mph
Musk also revealed the details about the top speed of Tesla Roadster. He said that it can hit the meter of 250 mph if we push it to the maximum limits. 250 mph is not a small figure if we compare to the other options available in the market. It is definitely going to be the fastest electric car in the world. 
It can also achieve a speed of 100 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Can you imagine how much fast it is going to be? Fast and Furious series must have this amazing car in their upcoming movie. 

Cost of Tesla Roadster
It is obvious that Tesla Roadster is not going to be a cheap car but still, they have managed to keep the price tag under control. The fastest car in the world is estimated to cost around $200,000 with the advance of $50,000.
Although this is a pretty massive amount of money still, the other faster cars are way expensive than this Tesla Roadster.

Seating Capacity
Most of the sports cars come with the seating capacity for two persons. Most of the people were expecting the same from Tesla Roadster. Tesla amazed their clients when Tesla Roadster was released with the seating capacity of four. So, it is like a family car with capabilities of any super sports car.
Tesla is known for the futuristic designs of its products. They have applied the same impressive design approach for Tesla Roadster. The design of this fastest car in the world is more like a sports car. The overall features, design, power, acceleration, and features are going to be the dream of every car lover.


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