2019 Volkswagen Golf

16 June 2019 - 172 - 0
2019 Volkswagen Golf

2019 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf is not on most people's measuring system once buying a little automobile. once it won our 2015 automobile of the Year award, I bear in mind obtaining some nonplussed appearance. Does anyone really purchase this car? individuals would inquire from me regarding the apparently obscure alternative. It remains a little player within the compact phase,

with 42,271 Golf family vehicles sold-out within the U.S. last year, as well as simply vi,642 copies of the quality Golf hatch. however it is a true hidden gem, and it is the automobile I'd choose if I were within the market.

The current-generation Golf is remarkably competent given its age, even my favorite version, the quality hatch. once 5 years on the market, it still holds its own with different compacts because of its stable ride, agile handling, assured braking, and sleek powertrain.

Perhaps the foremost vital amendment the hatch has received in its current iteration could be a one.4-liter turbo-four creating 147 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of force. though that does not look like a lot of, the engine packs a powerful punch whereas saving on gas. It gets 29/37 mpg city/highway in spite of whether or not you choose the bookworm six-speed manual or the quick-shifting eight-speed automatic.


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